Enviroment and Social Responsability


Quality And Environmental Policy

Muroplás development and growth focus is on the full satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its customers and other interested parts and, one of its main goals is to be a global reference in successful partnerships related to the development of solutions in plastics engineering.

Given the organizational context in which Muroplás operates, this is a demanding challenge and it requires, for this reason, an integrated system that guarantees the product and provides Quality services and, simultaneously, contributes to the protection and preservation of the Environment.

In this way, Muroplás commitment to the principles of responsibility and sustainability underlying the organizational context and the requirements of its stakeholders is ensured by the pursuit of the following policy:

  • Muroplás activities are focused on customer satisfaction, meeting and exceeding their expectations in terms of quality and environment, competitiveness, price and flexibility whenever it’s possible;
  • Assume that the maintenance of the Management System effectiveness, compliance with regulatory requirements, as well the fulfilment of environmental compliance obligations are the primary needs in the development of its activity. Therefore, a proactive search is made for continuous improvement, for innovative solutions that allow to overcome or review the established objectives and goals and also technological development and process optimization;
  • Protect the environment, prevent pollution, mitigate risks and significant environmental impacts, in compliance with the applicable environmental legislation;
  • Invest in skilled and motivated human resources, guaranteeing the further continuous training of its employees and provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools to fulfil their functions;
  • Promote awareness of risk-based thinking in the company’s Integrated Management System and throughout the Organization of the applicable legal, statutory, and regulatory requirements.