We are oriented and focused on our clients and on their real needs, delivering to them what we do best, collecting their feedback and always striving to evolve to exceed their expectations.


    With a project team with the main skill to design specific parts, Muroplas is the perfect option ...


      We have specific facilities to manufacture precision moulds, with or without hot runner, through single or double ...


        Through single and double-injection, we use different raw materials for several applications ...
        We work based on a philosophy of real proximity to our customers, presenting integrated solutions from product design and development to mold production and precision plastic injection of the final component or product.
        Our main activity can be described as plastic injection molding, however, our clients benefit from a much larger service, of high know-how, developed by a specialized and dedicated team, allowing to satisfy all the needs also upstream the injection process, ensuring that all production process operations, from product development to mold design, to injection molding, are centralized in a single partner focused on the quality and needs of its clients.
        By providing our clients with a vast experience of more than 27 years, we have the ability to respond, adapt and innovate in the creation of plastic parts without depending on third parties, and allowing all the rigor in such critical aspects as product quality, deadlines, research and development.

        It is with great pride that in our portfolio of clients are some of the largest and most demanding companies from the medical field to the automotive area.